“As young evangelists, this sharp, compassionate couple is having a wonderful impact on the churches, congregations and young people of this generation.  I have found that one of truest testimonies comes from the response of young people.  Students genuinely enjoy the Sullivan’s ministry and look forward to their return…In addition to the students remarks, when you hear the report that a pastor and church have extended a one week meeting into five weeks of meetings, you can be assured (they) are hearing and receiving something special from God”

– Rev. Ron Heitman, Former IL District Youth Director- Pastor, Evangel A/G, Hanover Park, IL


“The Sullivan’s ministry is truly Spirit empowered with a fresh touch of God.  Their message resonates with the heart of those who have been in the church for years, and they bring it with an enthusiasm that young people love.”

-Rev.  Phil Schneider, A/G Illinois  District Superintendent 


“Joshua Sullivan is an effective communicator with a passion to reach youth for Christ.  He spoke at one of our teen camps and did a phenomenal job.  Great illustrations like wind blowing during a service about the Holy Spirit.  Not sure how he did it, but pretty neat.  His entire family spent a lot of time hanging out with the campers and leaders throughout the day.  He was very effective during the altar time and prayed with kids until they were all through.  We really had a powerful move of God that week.  He and his family were fun to be around and easy to work with”.

-Rev. Chris Murdoch, West Texas District A/G Youth Director


“I have known Joshua Sullivan since his teenage years.  Joshua has the ability to communicate to adults and students, with a very unique preaching style.  His fervor, passion and energy connect with the audience and the end result is an outstanding altar call.  He not only connects in the pulpit but also he connects in the altars as he ministers tirelessly until every need is met.  Your students, adults and leaders will be tremendously blessed by his practical and biblical messages that empower students, adults and leaders to change their worlds.”

-Rev. Raymond Mizelle, Former Mississippi District A/G Youth Director


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Joshua Sullivan all of his life.  I have watched him mature and grow in the Lord over the years.  The hand of God is extremely evident on this young man of God.  Joshua is blessed with a precious family.  His wife Christy is a wonderful helpmate to him and a godly mother to their children.  Joshua and Christy are driven by a passion to reach this world with the love of Christ.  They joyfully and willingly make personal sacrifices to get the Word of God to hurting people.  They are faithful to the call and are most definitely ambassadors for God.”

-Rev. Scotty Gibbons, REALife Student Ministries Director James River Assembly, Ozark, MO