Youth Xplosion is one of the most God-encounter weekends your students will experience! The conference started in 2002 out of Joshua Sullivan’s desire to see students have an God-encounter right where they live. YOUTH XPLOSION is a student conference that comes to you! This conference helps promote unity within the local churches and youth groups as students come and worship with other churches right there in their area. This is one of the most affordable conferences around! Youth Xplosion started as a student conference in Metro St. Louis in 2002; they have now reached students in Northern Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas! Youth Xplosion is a different kind of student conference, they don’t focus on bringing in big named bands or entertainment! It is all about GOD (a.k.a) THE HOLY SPIRIT! Students encounter their creator and HE is the focus of this weekend experience!

“Our mission is to AWAKEN a generation out of spiritual slumber and religious complacency while calling them into unity to advance the kingdom of God and to raise up a Divorce-less generation!”